Fashion Education Alliance

- Caramel Rock x Hackney Trust -

We are delighted to unveil an extraordinary collaboration between Caramel Rock and Hackney Learning Trust, ushering in a year filled with exciting prospects in the realm of fashion and creative arts. This strategic partnership promises to enrich skills, foster creativity, and open doors to boundless opportunities in the dynamic fashion industry.

Building on Past Triumphs: Unveiling Our Fashion Education Portfolio

Drawing from our successful past endeavors, we are thrilled to introduce four captivating courses that promise to ignite passion and drive for fashion:


1 – BTEC Level 2 in Media Digital Skills

2 – BTEC Level 2 Certificate in Fashion

3 – BTEC Level 3 National Certificate in Fashion

4 – BTEC Level 1 Introductory in Fashion


In previous years, our collaboration with Hackney Learning Trust has yielded impactful projects, such as the 8-week sewing program for individuals aged 18 and above. This initiative empowered participants to develop essential sewing skills, create bespoke pieces, and gain invaluable insights into clothing alterations. These successes underscore our commitment to providing accessible training and transformative opportunities within our community.

About Hackney Learning Trust

Hackney Learning Trust serves as the educational arm of Hackney Council, dedicated to supporting the holistic development of children, young people, and families. With a track record of consistently surpassing national educational standards, the Trust is steadfast in its mission to provide exceptional education for all. Aligned with Caramel Rock’s vision, Hackney Learning Trust shares our dedication to improving life chances and fostering inclusive, innovative learning environments.

Caramel Rock in Alliance with Hackney Learning Trust: Cultivating Talent for a Fashionable Future

Together with Hackney Learning Trust, Caramel Rock proudly stands as a beacon of fashion and creative arts education in Newham, London. Our shared mission is to nurture the next generation of fashion leaders by providing tailored personal development plans and immersive training experiences. Our alliance ensures that each individual receives the necessary skills and expertise to thrive in the dynamic, competitive landscape of the fashion industry.

Why Choose Caramel Rock?

– Over 240 individuals impacted each year

– Highly qualified instructors with industry expertise

– Commitment to fair fashion opportunities and sustainable practices

– Empowerment of young people and adults through lifelong learning

Step into the World of Fashion: Your Journey Starts Here!

As we embark on this transformative journey, we extend a warm invitation to passionate individuals, young learners, and those seeking a fresh start in the fashion industry to join us. This is a unique opportunity to equip yourself with the skills and knowledge needed for a vibrant future in fashion. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to a year brimming with creativity, growth, and endless possibilities! Stay tuned for enrollment details and further updates on this remarkable opportunity.

For inquiries, visit our website at, contact us at +44 20 7476 3222, or email us at

Let's embark on a journey of growth, empowerment, and success in the world of fashion in 2024!