About Us

We work with some of the most hard to reach Inner-city children in England

Caramel Rock is a fashion and creative arts education charity based in Newham, London, providing training and opportunities. We have a strong belief in shaping our future leaders and therefore we offer, in every course, a personal development plan, as well as helping young people. It is also our mission to provide people with the knowledge and expertise of the working world, to help them form a solid foundation for a brighter future. Additionally, Caramel Rock guides young people to achieve both their short and long-term goals. This is accomplished by improving their skills and giving them work experience.

Our commitment to the future of young people and Adults in learning

We work with young people, and adults as well as vulnerable people to help them get back into fashion employment or training, by equipping them with the skills they need.

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We use Fashion as a Creative means to attract and engage with people

Abdul, Caramel Rock students tell us the process of his design
Tyana, Caramel Rock students tell us the process of her design