Google Arts & Culture Digital Exhibition Collaboration

Google Arts and Culture 2023

Alonzo (Anurah) Farrell
Tells a story through lyrics and Imagery
Alonzo is studying level 1 Fashion B-Tec. He aims to succeed unto level 2 and to start a fashion business. His personal values include justice, equality and fairness. He holds level 3 diplomas in music engineering including live recording, health and nutrition, electrical installations and has a keen interest in fashion, films and music.
Alonzo researched the fashion industry using child labour in India. The impact of it on the children and the businesses. Using Google combined with Ai he completed the research on the child labour. He pieced the design together by first creating an image. Which then inspired him to write the lyrics for this particular topic of child labour and uses the term Justlit on his work to wake the majority of people regarding the topic of child labour.
He wanted to make the design entertaining and thought provoking and not too intense so the viewers can engage in the conversation regarding this topic. And still be able to remember the actual design.

Sukhwinder Chandi

Sukwinda is studying level 1 Fashion B-tec. She aims to work towards running a catwalk show and showcasing her next collection during a fashion show. She is a very positive, quick learner who always wants to bring everyone together. Her signature style is mixing Western and Indian cultures to make something different.

Sukwinda researched Adidas as a brand that uses children as labour. She is overwhelmed and saddened to have discovered this information through the development of her work and hopes this awareness will help inform people. to help bring about change.

Sukwinda researched her designs, took ideas to develop her banner, and mixed the use of colours to create her message and design.

Gonche Saidi

Ghonche is studying level 1 Fashion B-tec. Hopes to continue her learning journey and one day become a fashion designer. Her personal values include being honest, kind and hard working. She loves fashion especially makeup with different hairstyles and flowers are important to her as her name means a flower.
Ghonche researched Addidas as brand who uses child labour. She was truly shocked to learn that such a successful brand is using little children as labourers. She researched mainly using Google.

Ghonche created a banner using an image of a window shop display that stays in the mind of the people and can be used to educate the world regarding child labour in the fashion industry.
She also used an Addidas jersey customised it by adding text and flowers to highlight child labour. The flowers represented a core part of her design as children are sweet and innocent just like flowers.
Qingqing Cai

Qingqing has finished her level 2 art and design course. She will start Foundation diploma in fashion and textile this September.

Before being involved in fashion industry, she has already got 2 bachelor’s degrees. One is oenology and viticulture in China, the other is Sommelier in France. Then she has multiple working experiences in wine & Fashion: Wine Markering assistant, wine journalist, model, actor, and live streamer as well.

Her work is filled with her personality and compassion towards the world. In this child labour project, she picked Chinese children that worked for Disney. She focus on express the unfair consequences with the fabric materials and personalised manipulations.
She pieced her work based on the mood board. After researching all related artists in this area, she thought camouflage is the best way to express this topic. She expected her work can remind audiences to start to think of something happening in fashion industry and this society.

Ameema Haq

Ameema is studying level 1 Fashion B-tec. One day hopes to become a fashion designer after continuing her learning journey making her way to university. Her personal values include being nice to yourself and the environment. She loves to dress up and do her hair and makeup for special occasions.

Ameema researched the brand Forever 21 for its involvement with child labour. She had no idea that this brand would be involved in using child labour. She used Google as her main source of research.

Ameema created a design by customisation of a T-shirt with cutting out letters in gold and painting in the style of the famous painter Liu Bolin. Draping silk fabric over the t-shirt keeping the style aesthetic close to Forever 21.

Ange Glory

Ange Glory is currently in level 1 Fashion B-tec. Her design principles are innovative, luxurious, and sustainable. She is also interested in visual and performing arts, using various artists’ works for her inspiration. She researched children working in the cotton harvest in countries reputed as the best cotton producers in the world. She looked at different artworks from artists who mostly talk about child labour in their works.

Her final outcome combines her research about brands that use child labour and inspiration from different artworks related to child labour. She wanted to convey an effective message about the realities in the fashion industry; thus, she created a dress, a design we usually see in one of brands that use child labour.

The front part of the dress is the nicest part with features we usually like, plus the shiny beads, yet the back part of the dress is where she talked about child labour as a type of slavery. Her message is clear: Some brands present a nice part of Fashion on the front and hide many realities behind the scenes.

The design contains a drawing of two chained hands. One bigger and one smaller (Which means children are being used regardless of age). Using two colours means different races, which leads us to understand that child labour happens in different places worldwide.