Caramel Rock Exhibition

Caramel Rock Exhibition

Caramel Rock & Commonwealth Fashion Council

The Commonwealth Fashion Council (Founded by Daniel Hatton right) is a not for profit Commonwealth organisation, dedicated to promoting and developing the Commonwealth Fashion Industries. We are a programme and membership organisation-we work with our members who are fashion weeks, councils and fashion businesses who operate in or around the industries. Programmes focus on sustainable development, fashion education and improving fashion trade. Caramel Rock (Founded by Faith Johnson left) is a fashion education charity supporting young people into the creative industries. We aim to connect young people into the fashion industry through educational accredited courses and creative programmes and work experience.
Faith Johnson and Daniel Hatton at the Royal Over Seas League, London, September 2019.

Fashion business leaders

The Commonwealth Fashion Council invited members (who are Commonwealth Fashion business leaders) of the council to offer lectures on sustainable development and to share their experiencers. Members discussed research practices, design processes and sustainable and ethical production. Students where encouraged to apply this, new found knowledge to their design process and final outcome. Students had the opportunity to engage with actual Fashion businesses in order to gain real life experience; students gained first hand experience into the business and education of Fashion. Students learnt skills across the circular design and how sustainable practices can be brought into the design processes. Students worked to the Commonwealth Fashion Council brief in order to innovate and design in line with the Commonwealth Charter’ values and principles. Students where able to build character and resilience within their creative processes and work. Students where able to up-cycle materials as part of the design processes.

The Commonwealth Fashion Education Initiative LONDON

Students on the BTEC Fashion and Clothing Level III.
The Commonwealth Fashion Education Initiative LONDON in collaboration with Caramel Rock aims to develop Fashion education and key professional skills amongst students from a variety of backgrounds. The Commonwealth Fashion Module designed by Caramel Rock and the Commonwealth Fashion Council enabled students to achieve a BTEC in Fashion and Clothing at level III. The module enriches how students see the business of Fashion-it enables students to have a worldly approach to research which is KEY within today’s global fashion sector and the job market.
Social Media Support

Our social media campaign was support by the Queens Commonwealth Trust – students had the opportunity to do a video on their creative process and inspiration.

Blue Fashion

Students work during the exhibition.

Students where also taught about the impact Fashion has on our Oceans taking inspiration from natural resources that maybe found in our oceans (seaweed). Students where inspired by nature to from creative design processes in order to cut and sew patterns for their final piece for the exhibition. Students where working towards the creation of a final product in order to showcase during London Fashion Week at the Royal Overseas League-this allowed students to celebrate their work, achievement and to improve their personal and professional networking styles. The exhibition saw students showcase a final design and portfolio of work.





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