Joins Forces with PVH Foundation!

We are thrilled to announce a dynamic partnership between Caramel Rock and PVH Foundation. The partnership signifies a spirited joint effort, and with PVH Corp steering the helm for iconic brands like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, it amplifies the enthusiasm of this collective initiative.

The Exciting Partnership

The collaboration between Caramel Rock and PVH Foundation marks an enthusiastic endeavor. Caramel Rock’s commitment to nurturing young talents in fashion and creative arts aligns seamlessly with the PVH Foundation’s commitment to advancing professional opportunities in fashion for marginalized groups. As Caramel Rock students delve into this collaboration, they will gain valuable insights into marketing their creations and connecting with their target audience.

Introduction to PVH Corp
PVH Corp, a corporate giant, houses iconic brands like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. Operating as a lifestyle digital platform, PVH Corp is dedicated to wholeheartedly representing these brands, ensuring customer satisfaction while staying fashion-forward and in line with the latest trends.
PVH Corp. - Vision and Commitment
PVH Corp is driven by a vision to propel brands like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger to new heights, emphasizing customer-friendliness and a commitment to staying on the cutting edge of fashion.
The PVH Foundation Connection

Expanding the collaboration, Caramel Rock joins forces with the PVH Foundation, the charitable arm of PVH Corp. This dynamic partnership signifies a shared commitment to advancing professional opportunities in fashion, especially for marginalized groups. PVH Corp’s ownership of leading global brands amplifies the potential impact of this educational collaboration.

Past Successes and Reputation:

Caramel Rock’s reputation as an educational charity is further solidified by past successes, including students participating as stylists at London Fashion Week 2023. The partnership with PVH Corp and the PVH Foundation promises mutual benefits, fostering continuous growth in the fashion and arts industry.

Caramel Rock and PVH Foundation Unite

The collaboration between Caramel Rock and PVH Foundation marks a significant milestone. While Caramel Rock focuses on nurturing young talents in fashion and creative arts, PVH Foundation is determined to ensure the growth of globally recognized brands. This partnership holds promise for Caramel Rock students, providing valuable insights into marketing their creations and expanding their reach.

Shaping the Future Together

This collaboration is not merely a partnership; it’s an enthusiastic endeavor that signifies the harmonious union of education, creativity, and industry leadership. As Caramel Rock, PVH Corp, and the PVH Foundation embark on this exciting journey, anticipate remarkable transformations and advancements that will shape a vibrant future for the fashion and arts landscape. Stay tuned for the extraordinary developments unfolding in this extraordinary partnership.