Our community rocks at the Spark Lab opening event!

Caramel Rock Spark Lab Residency had its opening event on the 25th of February of 2023 with a great launch party, with free drinks and food along, with a goodie bag for the first 50 guests. Caramel Rock Spark Lab Residency opening event also offered live DJ, fashion panel talk, Q&A, designer exhibitions, and a creative workshop at the Deco Building located on high street Ilford.
Massive attendance of our community rocked the place with joy and enthusiasm. Caramel Rock Spark Lab Residency presented a customized, flexible, and multifunctional space to be temporarily taken over and utilized by new designers excited to showcase their ideas to Ilford and build community.
SPARK Lab is an exciting new space based on Ilford High Street, providing an opportunity for makers, creators, entrepreneurs, and innovators to share their passions and skills with Ilford. This project reimagines the purposes of existing town assets to host a year-long programme of ever-changing activity.
The SPARK Ilford aims to create and establish an economically vibrant Cultural Quarter, where business and creative enterprise can thrive alongside a diverse cultural and leisure experience.
This is truly the time for Redbridge to shine as a leading London Borough and a fantastic place to live, work and enjoy. Be part of the change!