Spark Lab Designers

Natasha May

Graduate student (Merit) of London College of Fashion, studying MA Fashion Futures – a course that questions fashion through the lens of sustainability. Covering environmental, social and cultural aspects of sustainability has allowed me to expand and develop both my academic and practical fashion skills which are translated through my work.

My work is mixed media; using up-cycling, recycling, re-purposing and documentary style film making techniques to express and document my journey.

Hafza Yusuf - Somali- British Textile Designer

Hafza Yusuf is a Somali-British textile designer, Art educator and founder of Hafza Studio. Hafza’s love for art and her rich culture led her to pursue a career in textile design, which became a way for her to celebrate the beauty of the Somali culture and preserve Somali textiles and heritage.

Hafza Studio is a textile design studio located in the Royal Albert Wharf area championing arts, culture and creativity. Our in-house designs offer you collections of unique, bespoke, and original fabrics.

Ange Glory Nsenga - Fashion Designer & Embroidery Artist

Wego - Wedding and Elegant Attire Specialist

  •  Bespoke Fashion designer.
  • Women empowerment biz coach
  • Trained over 100 students – At Wego Academy of Fashion and Arts, WAFA, we nurture talents in creativity and entrepreneurship. We have courses in fashion to Business and personal development.
  • Online courses.
  • I help women entrepreneurs build a profitable biz.

Victor - Kofi Amengor Founder

Oré Oré


J.NIS.SI’ is a street style ready-to-wear clothing brand created in London by EdwinMelchizedek.

Inspired by the look and the courage of ancient conquerors.