Caramel Rock’s Heritage in Textile and Fashion Event June 2020

The activity allows learners to acquire skills in different areas of the Caribbean culture and carnival heritage of costume

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Celebrating Heritage Month: Heritage In Textile & Fashion Event, Live Industry Talks & Workshops.

Caramel Rock online event includes a 3-day event; promoting the cultural heritage of textile and craft as a driver of creativeness and a substantial source of motivation for new generations of artists to enable them to design new textile products centred on an innovative heritage-based approach and in the context of fashionable creation practices. We specifically use textiles as a means to engage with people because of the interest it holds for so many. Textile heritage design development and workshops: Alongside the event includes, activities for young people to be engaged in textile art and design development within the fashion industry.

Day 1:

African textile heritage Online fashion exhibition celebrating the heritage of African fashion and culture heritage. Learners submit 10-page sketchbook of designs and artwork in order to exhibit at the online event. We wear culture. A new wave of fashion experience event. Culture to unlock the world of fashion with a new virtual experience and a host of online exhibitions detailing the incredible stories behind the designers with tools and resources on how to create your own pattern cutting fashion dress at home in the convenience of your own home.

Day 2:

Design (Illustration) Asian, Bangladesh embroidery illustration design heritage Newham designers as part of Arts & heritage to create a virtual exhibition of some of its most fascinating designers in the Asian community.

Day 3:

Sewing traditional Caribbean carnival heritage design Online activities for know how’s and how-to for:

  • Hand and Machine sewing techniques and processes
  • Garment manufacturing processes
  • Hand and machine sewing techniques and processes
  • Creative use of materials
  • Techniques and processes

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