Fashion Heritage

Exhibition 2020

  • Bohemian and Afrofusion inspired Swimwear and Accessories brand. Bringing creativity and life to your summer wardrobe. IG Handler:

  • A modern twist on head ties and accessories , using bold and vibrant African prints.

  • Itikadi is contemporary design inspired by art and culture. Designed and made in Kenyan.

  • Contemporary african inspired casual wear for the modern day fashionista.

  • Remay couture is a brand that cuts across stylist women who love to express themselves through fashion. �

  • Established since 2009, Remay couture is creativity and elegance embedded in one package. �

  • The designer uses signature embroidery techniques and fabrics to create a bespoke look and style for all designs . Heavily Inspired by the richness of nature.

  • A opulent and romantic take on modern traditional bridal wear. Vibrant colours with detailed embroidery to create stunning designs.

  • Beautiful and authentic inspired Indian clothing using bold and rich coloured fabrics.

  • This designer’s minimalist exploration of style offer a refreshing alternative to popular trends. Displaying the beauty of simplicity.

  • Elegant Haute Couture Indian occasionwear.

  • The designer draws on traditional styles to create beautiful feminine designs.

  • IG Handler :

  • This contemporary use of block colours provides an abstract perspective on fashion coupled with a strong feminine stance and feel.

  • A modern spin on the fabulously fashion forward era of the 90’s. The designers uses the soft animated colour tones of this period to give their clothes a playful twist.

  • Pairing whimsical prints with feminine silhouettes to convey a tropical feel.

  • Capturing the character of carnival this designer uses flamboyant feathers to decorate their lively costumes.

  • Comfy and luxurious swimwear designed to compliment the body shape and silhouette.