Our 5 pillars

Fashion and Creative Arts

As a fashion and arts charity, we use creative arts as a tool to instill confidence and skills to those that have an interest in the creative industry with an aim of pursuing a career in this sector or for those that show true potential. Not only is fashion a profitable market but it also the creative industry builds life skills by encouraging individuals to think creatively and solve problems efficiently. The charity promotes creative pathways such as fashion, the arts and supports those with complex needs into creative opportunities such as placements and internships and our courses help to develop individuals and provide local people opportunities within the sector.

We invest in helping people overcome complex social issues such as anxiety, confidence, and self-worth. We have a proven track record of helping people on a journey of positive change through in-depth, holistic, and person-centered support. We generate action plans to support and identify the needs of those we work with and create weekly goals for all who register for our services.


Our passion for both educating people and advancing the local community enables us to enrich the lives of individuals, and encourage them to come together with a shared vision and one voice to advance their community by providing holistic activities and training ensuring individuals are receiving training and have set realistic goals that are attainable and achievable for all those we support. Fashion is our hook and we work collaboratively with organisations for those who may have housing needs, benefit support needs, legal and financial services sign posting and tracking all we refer to the right organisation that supplies these services where we may not. We provide fashion training that’s intertwined with personal development. This involves pastoral support, managing moods and overall health and well-being. This is supported by trained and qualified practitioners and these address some of the challenges young people are facing.

Job Training

As a fashion and arts charity, a number of our beneficiaries are young students who are trying
to increase future prospects in the fashion and arts sector. As a result, we are passionate about seeking ways to increase job training for young people and ensuring they have the acumen and readiness to get to this stage of their development. Fashion is considered a leading industry in terms of employing young people from the age of 18-30 which we are proud of and want to do our part by bringing opportunities to people. Many of our young beneficiaries that have worked with us and joined our programmes have successfully completed and have gained further experience and work in the fashion industry. We only aim to further this and provide our services for a wider population of young people without jobs or the right connections to land them into employment within the fashion sector.

Strengthening Communities

We believe that the community is at the very heart of what we do. We encourage local people to work together to not only strengthen the community but increase individual engagement and involvement in the lives of others. Much of our work is geared towards inspiring the community to work together and take an interest in what is going on around them and offering critical signposting support. We also help to prompt conversation between the young and the elderly. By instigating a dialogue between parents and children, teenagers and elderly we hope to create a bond between local people in the community and increase richness to the community.

Mentoring and Enrichment

At Caramel Rock we are passionate about seeing this generation work towards their dreams.
We are enthusiastic about mentoring and instilling confidence in those that intend to develop
their lives and grow as people. We have a keen interest in helping to nurture and prepare
individuals into their desired goals and aspirations. Our support is to ensure our beneficiaries
gain a better understanding of how they can develop their skills, grow holistically, and how
they can contribute to society