Petra Fashion: Caramel Rock’s Manufacturing Offer  

Petra Fashion is a project run by Caramel Rock supporting Caramel Rock students into paid manufacturing jobs. The workforce is 60% trained and skilled machinist cutters and technicians and 40% are employed from Caramel Rock charity to support unrepresented groups into employment. The aim is to support skilled machinists and cutters opportunities to access manufacturing jobs. Petra Fashion creates a stronger creative sector amongst a generation that is stronger and more vibrant.

The makerspace is focused on fast-track quality fashion producing bulk production, from idea concept to delivery production. The manufacturers production centres on ladieswear, menswear in both jersey and woven being manufactured by a team of highly experienced machinists. We have software for the creation of sketches and patterns updated and complete for the various requests. Our CAD technicians obtain a rapid and precise realization of the models and developments.

Before we start with the production of garments according to your designs, we support you in all necessary steps. This allows especially startups a secure entry into the fashion industry. We support you from the development of your designs to the production of the final garments. This allows you to produce your fashion efficiently and hiqh quality in materials and finishing techniques. In addition, we provide you inspirations on fabrics, ingredients and printing techniques.

Costumes made by our manufacturing offer.

We will guide you through the entire manufacturing process. As a starting point, you can send us your designs or product photos. This helps us to understand your idea. If you don’t have exact product ideas yet, we will discuss with you all further steps to plan your collection. All preparations for your clothing manufacturing will be made in our studio in Newham, London. We will also meet you there for our joint fitting and design day. During this day we will work with you on the final design and fit. The following production of the garments takes place in UK lands – We are so proud to be British Manufactures –


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