NIKE Black Community Commitment

“NIKE, Inc.’s commitments to the Black community bring together partners who are bringing the most good to those suffering from systemic racism. Through a focus on economic empowerment, education and social justice, partners of all sizes can create healing change at the ground level, whether they work in the smallest neighborhood or across an entire nation. Everyone, including Nike, can do their part in making a more equitable playing field.”

Inspired by the Black Community commitment in North America, NIKE decided to support the Black Community internationally starting with London.

Last summer 15 non-profit organisations were chosen by a committee and grants were given to support projects up to 12 months, emphasizing work related to sports, education, mentorship, mental health, etc…

It is important for them to follow through on their commitment with the Black Community and to create a better world. The company sees the ability they have to resonate within communities as a responsibility in the fight against systematic racism and we thank them for that.

Know more about what they did:

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