Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme

Each year, Jack Petchey foundation recognises circa 12,000 Achievement Award winners and invests £3.5m through the Achievement Award scheme.

Awards mean different things to different people. The Achievement Awards are not solely for academic achievement – they may be used to recognise a personal triumph for someone who has faced a challenge, a young person who has pushed themselves outside of their comfort zone or it may be an opportunity to recognise the outstanding efforts of a team player.

Caramel Rock are honored to be working with the foundation and extremely proud to present our students with the achievement award! 

We are so proud to award Ryan the Jack Petchey Achievement Award because he has shown great enthusiasm and tenacity in all his work as one of our students.  Demonstrating a strong work ethic and using his initiative to create well thought out and practical designs. We love his passion for fashion and his willingness to think outside the box to be innovative and unique in his own right. Class peers voted for Ryan to be put forward for this award, and Ryan picked what equipment he felt Caramel Rock was in need of. 

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