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The workshop delivered in collaboration with the V&A was entitled “How to showcase your creative ideas”. This session was designed to present to university and college students how to build their portfolio. The content is broken down within 6 main parts: inspiration, sketches, design, illustration, technical garment construction and production. Below were the instructions in the presentation:

  • Inspiration – mood-boards to show the origin of your ideas and your research process; it can be as much as 1-2 pages (collage)
  • Sketches (ideation) rough sketches to show how your ideas evolve  2-3 pages from your sketchbook 
  • Design – fashion flats to show you understand construction ;technically accurate and to include back, side, close up where relevant  (every final design should have a technical sketch) 3-4 pages
  • Illustration  – fashion illustration to enhance the visual appeal 4-5 pages
  • Technical garment construction  –technical sketches and a few samples of construction, close ups of details and artwork placements 4-5 pages
  • Production – photos of finished garments to show how designs translate from inspiration to sketch. These are professional looking photos of the entire garment. 2-3 pages
    The advice per project is  20 pages maximum. A portfolio should have 3 for projects.
    The first page should introduce the concept of your project . There should be observational sketches and references to the main concept. For example in the project below , the inspiration comes from the cicada insect . The structures from the body of the insect are taken and applied into the construction of  trousers and jackets, as well as translated into new ways of fastening.

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