Welcome Mona Our New Marketing Assistant

Mona is our new Kickstarter marketing assistant at Caramel Rock. Through studying media communications she developed a strong interest in social media marketing and content creation. At Caramel Rock she writes blogs, newsletters, creates content and podcasts across all our social media platforms. She prides herself in empowering and supporting young people through promoting their work on social media and showcasing their enormous talent. She loves to bring the work of Carmel Rock  to life through interacting with followers on Instagram live and stories. 

She is very excited about being part of the kickstart scheme and grateful for the opportunity to work at Caramel Rock where she can continue to sharpen her creativity skills and spotlight the amazing work that Caramel Rock does in the local community. 

Her goal is to create beautiful content that captures the heart of Caramel Rock as well as further develop her skill set. 

Caramel Rock 

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