Sustainable fashion definitions!

There are many labels used by fashion brands which can be confusing. I have put together a list of the 10 most common words in sustainable fashion. 

1. Sustainable fashion

A sustainable item is something that can be maintained long-term without exhausting natural resources or without causing severe harm to the environment. This also includes social justice not only ecological integrity.

2.Ethical fashion / fair fashion

Means all people involved in the production of clothes (from extraction of raw materials to finishing) are guaranteed their rights and a living wage, as well as safe working conditions). The fair trade label or fair wear certification are often present on fair fashion clothing items. 

3.Eco fashion

Clothes produced to minimise damage done to the environment. This mainly refers to the growing or making fabrics without harmful chemicals or pesticides. 

4.Slow fashion

Slowing down consumption, investing in quality rather than quantity, and taking more care of our clothes to make them long lasting.

5.Minimalist fashion

Having only the essential items, creating a capsule wardrobe, so a limited amount of clothes, usually basics, it also follows the slow fashion philosophy of better quality and long lasting clothes. 


Clothes made in compliance with organic standards, usually associated with cotton, organic fabrics are always better, look for certifications!


Also known as creative reuse, it’s the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality and environmental value.

8. Circular fashion 

Closed loop fashion where the waste materials are used to create new items and nothing is discarded, clothes are kept in circulation for longer and then reused to make new garments. This includes reselling, repurposing and recycling. 

9. Cruelty free fashion

Products that haven’t been tested on animals and didn’t harm animals to be produced. Vegan fashion contains no animal products or by-products. (That doesn’t mean that it’s sustainable – vegan leather is often plastic)

10. Biodegradable fashion

Clothing that can be broken down naturally and quickly by bacteria, natural materials are biodegradable if they’re made with natural dyes. 

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