How to demand change from fashion brands

When we hear about the negative impacts of fast fashion, it always seems like boycotting these brands is the best way to take a stand against environmental pollution and workers exploitation. I am here to tell you that we can, and should, do more.
I myself boycott fast fashion brands, that said I know it’s unrealistic for everyone to boycott, be it for financial or sizing constraints. Yet it seems like we don’t really have any other options.

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We vote with our dollar but we’re also citizens and as such we must use our voices and voting power to demand change in the industry.
I think the best way to combine these two aspects is to take part in active boycotts.
This means no longer shopping at fast fashion brands (or at least not as often) and at the same time, letting the brands know why you avoid them, be it through social media or emails. Fashion revolution and Attire media have made some handy, time-saving email templates that make emailing brands so much easier! The good on you app also allows you to message brands directly from the app. We should’t undermine the power of social media. We can comment under brands posts, use hashtags such as #payyourworkers and tag them. If we all take these small actions, brands will notice and hopefully do better, collective action works! The #payup campaign is proof of this. In 2020 when fashion brands refused to pay their suppliers as stores closed, Remake our world launched a petition to pressure brands to honour their contract and pay their garment workers, they received lots of signatures and some brands listened! Here you can find a list of actions to take to demand a better fashion industry!

Image source: Fashion Revolution

I believe shopping less but better is a good starting point, but it’s even more powerful to engage with brands telling them what they need to do differently, if we all do it, they will listen!

Image source: RemakeOurWorld

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