The Story Behind The Brand

Interview with The Founder of GeeGee Collection: A new emerging fashion brand

GeeGee Collection is a successful new contemporary British womenswear brand founded in 2019 by Georgia India Crossley. The brand is based on the idea of creating bespoke one of a kind luxury handmade garments. We have interviewed Georgia to hear more about her journey as a new emerging designer and the challenges new fashion brand start ups face. 

What is the story behind your brand? 

Georgia India Crossley: Owning my own fashion label is something I never dreamt of doing until about two years ago. I originally thought I’d study fine art at university but eventually decided to do a degree in fashion and textiles. Following on from this, I interned at Alexander McQueen and Jenny Packham in womenswear design. It was after my internship that I realised I could express my passion for art and textiles through fashion by creating pieces that told a story and had their own unique identity. Like an artist, I could create pieces that express my personality and made the wearer feel a certain way. A lot of hard work and dedication has gone into my label and it’s great to see things finally falling into place. 

Where do you draw on for inspiration for your clothing? 

Georgia India Crossley: One thing I love about being a designer is that inspiration can be drawn from anywhere in life, so the more you live, the more creative you get. A vacation, a vintage find, an era in time or even a person can give me a vision for my pieces. The women I design my pieces for are  always at the forefront of my process. She is carefree, international, bohemian and individualistic. 

Why should more fashion brands consider sustainable ways of making their clothing?

Georgia India Crossley: Fashion production makes up 10% of humanities carbon emissions having a huge impact on our environment. There are many things brands can do to become more sustainable such as using biodegradable/ sustainable fabrics like hemp or bamboo, local production to reduce carbon footprint and keeping collections small. As I am a bit of an environmentalist, when I began researching manufacturers for my brand, I wanted the process to be sustainable, better for the planet and in line with my personal values and ethos. For this reason, my collections are small and carefully considered and I have avoided mass production by sourcing fabrics that are handmade in France and tailoring from local manufacturers in the UK. 

What are the main challenges for a startup fashion brand? 

Georgia India Crossle :There are a lot of challenges when starting up a brand such as getting noticed, the time it takes to produce a sample and finding the right fabrics and manufacturer to work with. The best advice I can give when starting your brand is to think small.

What advice would you give an individual looking to start-up a sustainable fashion brand? 

 Georgia India Crossley : If starting your own fashion label is something you want to do, I would say go for it! Do your research, take your time in planning, work hard at your vision and eventually all the pieces will fall into place. 

I would definitely suggest gaining experience working in a fashion house before you start your own brand to learn all the ins & outs of how to build a collection from start to finish as there is a lot more to it than you may think!

Instagram handle: @thegeegeecollection 

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