London Fashion Week – September 2018

London Fashion Week has come and gone all too quickly. LFW once again presented us with a showcase of high-end fashion and there was certainly no shortage of innovation, diversity, and elegance. Xiao Li, Halpern, Molly Goddard, Emilia Wickstead, and Riccardo Tisci – making his debut for Burberry – graced the catwalk with ruffles, sequins, pleats, stripes, and, in the case of Xiao Li’s collection, ever so delicate silk skirts and dresses made to look like bubble wrap.

Global names such as Erdem and Roksanda, neither of whom are strangers to the London fashion scene, were sure to inject something unique into their collections. Erdem’s collection was inspired by two 19th century socialites, Fanny and Stella (AKA Frederick Park and Ernest Boulton). The beautiful statement pieces featured Victorian wallpaper patterns printed onto modern evening wear – for women and men. Some of the models were veiled so as to make it difficult to distinguish who was male and who was female, promoting a sense of gender fluidity.

Last, but not least, two very notable – not to mention highly fashionable – women made their debuts at LWF last month: Victoria Beckham and Alexa Chung. Both designers presented pieces for the stylish, professional woman with their own distinct flair.

Picturing all of this the way the designers intended is virtually impossible. If you want to learn about all the designers at LFW and check out the fabulous clothes firsthand, go straight to the source and visit

Before I wrap this up, I’d like you to try a little exercise with me. Close your eyes. Imagine a designer getting recognised for pushing the boundaries within the fashion industry. Now, imagine that this same designer was inspired by something as commonplace as bubble wrap. Yes, that same bubble wrap that you crackle and pop with glee. In all honesty, fashion is fun, but it can seem downright “out there” at times. The next time you find yourself thinking that your ideas are too “crazy” to ever be taken seriously, I suggest you think again. Don’t give up on your designer dreams just yet.

– Pratichi Nag

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