Beauty Trends!

Recently there has been a trend going around in the beauty community of makeup artist doing a rainbow eye look as well as makeup inspired by album cover.
The makeup world is getting more and more creative by the day so it is harder to come up with new trends that haven’t already been done. When a trend is set by an influencer/artist we all take that trend and make it our own, I personally am better at cutting the crease and blending eyeshadows together seamlessly so when I recreated the Rainbow makeup look my shadows were blended together nicely and I had my signature cut crease with a little bit of glitter.
The other trend that is going around is fans of music artists creating makeup inspired by the band/artists album cover. I have created multiple makeup looks that are inspired by 5 Seconds of summers new album Youngblood that goes on sale on 22nd June. The looks that I have created were from their individual Target edition covers as well as the original cover, I used colours that were the same or as close to the colours on the album and blended them messily into the create because the covers aren’t block colours they have a marble effect to them. I also made both eyes had a different technique on them with made the looks unique and not what like other fans have done.
Chevante Jordan

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