Fashion Conscience

Sustainability will be at the focal point of development in 2018 and fashion companies have already started to embrace this changes.

An important force behind the growing sustainability movement is the realisation that millennials will spend more for those brands who incorporate sustainability into their strategy, as they will be more likely to buy from a brand they trust.
The industry’s growing focus on sustainability is additionally being driven by enthusiastic pioneers. For example, Gucci announced that in its new 2018 collections, there won’t be any use of mink,  raccoon dog, fox, and rabbit, as part of its new strategy named “Culture of purpose”. Similarly, Zara is installing collection bins across all stores in China to reduce the issue of waste.


These kinds of ideas are now spreading in all industry,  with Jimmy Choo and Michael Kors announcing changes in their strategy to experiment innovating materials, like sustainable fibers, to better adapt their business in these challenging times.


Is not surprising that fashion industry is finally taking care of our environment and future.


I strongly believe that the idea of sustainable fashion will spread out much faster than any new trend.



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