Let’s talk fashion with no limitations!

Let’s talk fashion with no limitations!

For the past two to three years there has been a clear increase in bold some might say ‘wild’ fashion trends and looks from fashionistas, celebrities. Which fashionably a few years back would have been seen as non-fashionable. But due to celebrities such as Solange, Azealia Banks taking the forefront in music and most importantly fashion. Such creative and beautiful fashions are now a huge trend on the fashion market.

Whether it is the increase of oversized coats, to flares, there seems to be a push in having no limitations when it comes to fashion and self-expression through clothing, which is great! I myself believe that is has only been made possible due to fashion icons such as Grace Jones, Andre Leon Talley having been so courageous and honest in their prime. Items such as Tom Ford capes or highly embellished pieces were influenced and subconsciously made main stream by such individuals.

So, I think that it is great now that fashion is evolving more and more and withholding less limitations. Which is what fashion is meant to be! Self-expression, self-love and creativity.

Weather that is you wearing what you feel comfortable in, or challenging yourself to wear something different, bright clothing, oversized clothing, it is fashion with no limits.

There are still a lot of conversations to be had and learning to take place for the fashion industry to grow but with more artist’s such as Solange, NAO, Grace Jones in the forefront fashion as an art will reach is fullest potential, and by the looks of it we are nearly there with the astonishing growth in creatively fluid fashionable artist’s, fashionistas and brands.

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