I See Myself Changing The World

“I see myself changing the world”

Slick Woods, the model changing the world.



Slick Woods is one of the coolest models in the world right now. The 21-year-old model – face of Fenty,Rihanna’s fashion brand – is challenging the constraints of  fashion industry by changing the concept of beauty and diversity.

Woods, whose real name is Simon, was discovered in LA three years ago, when she was still living in a drug den making money through various crimes.

She had a difficult life since she was a child facing a lot of difficulties by herself. After drugs problems, crimes and prison, she was found and cast in a lookbook for Kanye West’s label Yeezy.


This was only the start of a career who took her on the first page of the most famous magazines and on important catwalks.  She went from being homeless to spend more than $ 20.000 a week. The lifestyle change was not easy, she said, but she is dealing with it.


Indeed, even without the tattoos, gold adornments or the bald head, which is shaved religiously every three days, her look is a capturing one. Despite her  non-conventional style, she is evolving the concept of what should be “in” with no fear or preconceptions.


She will probably remain one of the most requested models for a while, and we hope she will continue to inspire those who want to follow their dreams no matter the background or the society they come from, by being truly themselves.

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