Let’s talk Body Image

Let’s talk about body image. Let’s talk about body image until women of all sizes are proudly represented within fashion. As a young female I’m so proud of curvier models like Jordyn Woods and Barbie Ferreira who openly voice their personal struggles as well as share the beauty of embracing their body in a society that is quick to shut them down. In an industry that only appreciates a certain size or a specific look these women are challenging the norms within fashion and creating an authentic space for women to share each of their own individual stories.

It’s beautiful to see women speak so boldly about the change they want to see. The presence of models like Ashley Graham, Jordyn Woods and Barbie Ferreira in the fashion industry should be a reminder that we as women can create change in our current cultural climate. It should serve as a reminder that we can indeed support each other, lift each other up, take risks and strive to create a space and community for all women to be included.

Though there are still a lot more conversations we as women should have to encourage each other, it’s inspiring to see young models already making a huge change to how we see ourselves and our body.

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