Summer colours

The summer months will be arriving soon so I thought why not get inspired by the different colours we’ll be seeing this summer all over the high street and on the runway too.

I’ve been seeing a lot of blush pinks make their way onto my friends Instagram pages. I’ve seen a couple of beautiful items in high streets like Primark create beautiful statement pieces like sandals and loose tops whilst staying true to the blush pink theme. We’re seeing beautiful dresses that look like they’re fit for royalty. Beautiful hints of pink are surely coming our way.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 08.24.42

Another theme I’ve been seeing a lot happens to be something we’ve always been told not to do  and that’s clashing different colours, prints and textures together to create a bold look.

Take fashion blogger Megan Ellaby’s cool look she’s taken a bright red skirt and paired it with a checked white and red skirt. Although they’re in the similar colour palette it really creates quite a statement look and looks very trendy and stylish if you ask me.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 08.18.51

We’re seeing splashes of colour so don’t be scared at all to have a little play around, experiment with colours. If it all seems a little daunting then why not start by purchasing a bag with a hint of playful colours and then purchase smaller items like shoes that have a hint of colour. Start small and then before you know it you’ll have a wardrobe ready to take on Summer.

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