Men of style

Men’s style has come a long way. Remember when Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ song came out and he had everyone obsessed with wearing large hats? I remember that too like it was yesterday. Not only has men’s style changed but it has also matured and evolved along the way. Men’s clothing wear has expanded since the days of jogging pants and trainers. Although street wear is still in and will always have a major place in the fashion industry it’s great to see men adopt other ways to accessorise their clothing and express their personality through their attire.

Layering pieces whether it be a plaid shirt with a hoodie on top and a sweeping long coat to compliment the whole look is slowly becoming a fashion favourite. We’ve seen Justin Bieber and Kanye West both channel this effortless yet stylish look. We’ve even seen men like Bruno Mars take it one step further by embracing the colour pink and wearing vibrant coloured suits that add a whole lot of character and personality to an outfit.

Men’s wear seems to be in an exciting phase right now. We’re seeing men explore, experiment and create their own version of what masculinity looks like. We’re seeing men like Pharrell challenge the status quo by creating a space for men to wear everything they were told not to wear years ago. All in all it seems men’s wear is definitely moving to new and exciting heights and I’m all for it.

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