Time to nurture the creative soul

As important as it is to create, stay busy and put your mind into something you think is worth your time. It’s also important to take time of your work schedule to use as time for inspiration. Think of it as time much needed to nurture your creative soul. Think of it as finally using time to pour back into yourself. Creating is fun. It’s essential for us to create. It’s important for us to understand how to develop ideas, how to creates ideas from stage to stage and finally seeing them materialise before our eyes. At the same time creating is exhausting and mentally tasking. It takes a lot out of you but it’s also something that doesn’t have to overwhelm us if we ensure to stay active and feed our minds and bodies right. I think of it as staying proactive like going for walks, seeking inspiration from nature, going to the gym or just taking unpleasure in the outside world. As much as it’s fun to create, assemble and share. It’s also important to nourish ourselves on the inside and out. Essentially what we’re trying to do is foster growth and encourage growth in our lives. Some of the things I’ve learnt to incorporate vary from taking 15min walks to meditating in the morning to reading in the evening and making sure I live a fairly balanced life. Whilst we all have different lifestyles it’s important that we take the time out to nourish ourselves and fill ourselves up before we start thinking about chipping ourselves away for another creative project.

Image sourced from 1966mag.com

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