Winnie Harlow on social media

There’s no denying that 22year old Canadian model, Winnie Harlow is more than a relevant figure on social media. She’s got over 1million follows on her Instagram and she has carved a space for herself online whilst inspiring many along the way. As an individual that suffers from vitiligo she’s had to endure quite a lot of bullying from peers from a young age, something she says has strengthened her over the years. Part of being a model is having an authentic personality that people can relate to. Her personality is something we’ve seen a lot off on her social media accounts. We’ve seen her unapologetically post selfies on her instagram and shamelessly share her own story of self- acceptance and love.

Although she’s only just started her modelling journey she’s found a way to interact personally with her online followers and find a way to brand herself as a unique model amongst her peers. She’s simply a breath of fresh air and she’s teaching young girls how to use social media to present their authentic selves as well as create a name for themselves. She’s shaking up the fashion industry and making fashion designers, brands and businesses change how they view beauty. She’s redefining beauty one photoshoot at a time and we’re simply in awe of this young girls shameless stance to pave the way for many other young models like herself.

If there’s anything she’s taught us along the way its simply that we ought to see value in ourselves and move to the beat of our own drum.

Image taken from blog Knick Knacker

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