Charities at the heart of it all

I often admire people and organisations that see the value that a single person can contribute to a certain idea. Charities are definitely one of them. They’re places where peoples talents are nurtured. It’s a place where they’re given the full scope to grow and develop themselves personally as well as professionally. Sometimes in the busyness of life we often forget that every single one of us holds value within ourselves. Value that we shouldn’t confuse with external things like the car we drive, the stores we buy our clothes from or how many friends of ours wished us happy birthday on our Facebook wall.

That’s where charities come in. They look at things differently. They asses things from a different point of view and have a great way of seeing value in individuals regardless of whether they see it in themselves. They remind us that our value doesn’t derive in the amount of followers we have on social media but instead it comes from within us. Our value lies within ourselves, the type of people we are and how we aim to inspire ourselves to get up and live out our true authentic selves. They equip individuals with the tools to recognise their true worth and value and start working on the things that matter like their mental health, their personal development, confidence levels and their approach to their work.

They start from the inside out and it’s beautiful to see that. To see people interact with others, be part of their individual stories and genuinely care about the type of people they’ll become. This is just a small look at the some of the great things charities help us see in ourselves.

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