Celebrating cultural stories | Mr & Miss Sierra Leone UK 2017

As a charity dedicated to serving our local community and honouring the stories of those we get to meet on a daily basis it’s beautiful to come across stories that celebrate and uplift people from diverse cultures. So we were excited to hear that Mr and Miss Sierra Leone UK 2017 took place in London on Saturday 18th February welcoming contestants from Manchester, Birmingham, Reading and London.

That tells us one thing. It tells us that we all have stories to tell, stories that we hold very dear to ourselves. Stories about our upbringing, the influences and cultural experiences that have shaped our world view. But most importantly it tells us that we’re all looking to find a sense of belonging. A place where we can be our authentic selves and that’s what this annual beauty pageant means. It’s an event that celebrates the Sierra Leonean community here in the UK, celebrates those Sierra Leonean diasporas, inspires them to continue honouring their culture and sharing the unique aspects their culture has to offer.

So when Business Development Manager, Allieu Keneiva Patrick Sowe and Make up artist Amie Fofanah were both crowned Mr and Miss Sierra Leone UK for 2017 it was a moment not to be missed. It represented more than a ceremony its was a moment of significance for the contestants because it meant they could continue the important dialogue of celebrating and preserving the rich and beautiful culture of Sierra Leone. It’s an honour to be able to celebrate these two inspiring individuals and we hope that through their journey they’ll also be able to inspire and encourage young people to embrace their true selves and celebrate their cultural diversity. We’d also like to congratulate the second and third winners in the competition and the rest of the contestants who took part.

We wish them the very best in all their endeavours and we hope this also inspires you all to learn more about your culture, give you the opportunity to talk to your parents and grandparents about their life experiences and continue honouring your cultural values. 16901911_1361774660510640_323100273_n

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