Creativity takes courage

Creative industry jobs like photography, filming, graphics and fashion and textiles have taken a whole new level of significance in the past few years. It seems we all want to know how to create better visuals and inject more creativity and personality into our social media posts. Not only is it important for us to create better content it’s also important that we understand that creativity comes with its drawbacks.

My experience of creating content and choosing to share it publicly on the digital media space has taught me the importance of having the right mental attitude. Creating content whether it be a storyline for a tv drama, a short film or an art project requires us to push ourselves which can be mentally exhausting and tiring. But there is one thing that schools and universities should help us prepare for – and thats uncertainty.

Working in any creative industry job means you have to master in the art of knowing how to handle situations when they go wrong. At school I wasn’t taught that failure could in fact be a good thing instead I was taught to avoid it by all costs. And don’t get me wrong going to school is an important aspect of your personal and academic progress. But I believe it’s really important to know that in any journey one takes failure is bound to crop up at times. But that’s okay because by failing we get that much closer to our future success.

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