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Menswear has come a long way from its early days on the runway and in the spirit of London Fashion Week Men’s there’s no better time to talk about British designers, also father and son duo, Joe and Charlie Casely- Hayford.

There’s always something to be said at the deeper level of fashion and I’ve noticed that brands that can spark conversation and dialogue about subject matters of interest to their customers are those brands that remain relevant in the fashion industry. And Casely -Hayford strikes me as a brand that is just that. Relevant.

Their brand is a unique expression of rich cultural influences that is home to East London. They’re inspired by the British culture as well as their unique way of seeing and observing society from completely different perspectives. They represent the important dialogue between two generations, two people born in different social circumstances in different eras yet two people who can appreciate what the other brings to the table and use that to understand society, human relations and youth culture.

At the heart of their brand lies the importance of bridging the gap between people of different ages and creating a community where we can have a conversation and learn from one another’s experiences. And that’s beautiful to see that authentic and transparent dialogue highlighted on the runway.

Casely- Hayford is a brand that mixes textures, patterns and fabrics so well so it’s no surprise that they often fuse and experiment with street style influences and tailored suits.

Being able to appreciate things that appear to be on the opposing end of the spectrum is what they do best. Understanding how to express youth culture through design and innovation yet valuing the legacy of an aged history and tradition is what defines their designs.

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