Embracing your personal style

When I think of style, of that fearless, authentic and shameless type of style, two people usually come to mind, Solange Knowles and Pharrell Williams. They’re two individuals who have never shied away from the spotlight or their responsibility to stay true to their personal style. They do what some wouldn’t dare think of doing with their own style and that’s taking risks.

They’ve made it cool for the average person to wear what best expresses their authentic style and actually feel great about it. They symbolise that quirky, unique and weird sort of style and they rock it ever so stylishly. I once heard someone say,

“If you’re going to be weird be confident about it”

And that quote simply describes both their approach to style and their style evolution thus far. They’re candid and their style is even more so because they define what they wear but ultimately how they choose to define themselves. When the fashion industry lays out the trends for the year ahead and we watch other celebrities rush to have a piece of it thy stand against the grain and bring new style pieces to the surface- because that’s what originators do.

They dive into their inner cave of creativity and use their style as a way to express their true selves. That’s what personal style is it’s having the confidence to experiment and explore different pieces and see yourself transform as a result of being bold enough to try new things and challenge yourself. It allows you to translate and communicate your inner self through your style decisions and I love that Solange and Pharrell always find new ways to model that shamelessly. Even when fashion critics question their style choices they shamelessly hold their head up high and know that they’re really channelling their inner self and there’s nothing greater than knowing that.

Personal style is oh so personal. Style differs from person to person and it’s time we celebrate that. It’s time we honour our own style and allow others to explore their own style with confidence.

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