From Fashion stylists to Image architect

The latest trend amongst the celebrity styling community is that they’re adopting new job titles like Style consultant, Image architect and the latest I’ve recently heard being Wardrobe brand strategist.

Take Singer and Actress Zendaya for example. At the age of 20 she has been applauded and praised many times for her style appearances on the red carpet showcasing her sophisticated, mature yet fun style, thanks to her stylist Law Roach. Not only is he responsible for styling Zendaya but he’s also co-creative director of Zendaya’s new clothing line and is the guy behind Celine Dion’s recent style transformation, making her one to watch in the fashion press.

Law Roach insisted on creating a new title for himself and is known as a celebrity image architect, a title he adopted as a way to stand out from the crowd and avoid using the oversaturated title, stylist. Well, let’s just say he inspired other stylists to follow suit and change their job title which I must say is enough to make any stylists’ CV stand out.

I think it’s a good move that stylists are finally adopting different labels for themselves as they do more than just style clients in my opinion. They translate and channel their clients’ personality and strategically make style choices. Their job is quite a difficult one if we think about it. They have to stay up to date with current trends as well as understand what style choices will flatter and compliment their client, explore different aspects of their clients personality, know when to take risks and reinvent their style all over again.

It’s great to see these stylists get the recognition they deserve as their job is an incredibly time consuming and overwhelming one. So to all Images architects, Style consultants and Wardrobe brand strategists out there we humbly salute you.

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