Fashion Show Exhibition

Fashion Exhibition Review

July 21st saw the 2016 Fashion Exhibition at Caramel Rock. It was a wonderful way to showcase the work of our talented students and bring together family and friends for an end of the academic year celebration.

The morning of the day consisted of much preparation; testing the music and speakers, rehearsing our performers, organising the refreshments and decorating the offices. We all worked extremely hard to give our deserving students the most entertaining send-off.

As the guests started to arrive, they had the opportunity to travel around the exhibition room and view the work and designs that were on display. Segments of the student’s sketch books were spread across the tables, designs were hung all over the walls and several manikins were dressed in hand-made clothing. Upbeat music filled the atmosphere.

Presentations then took place, giving each student the chance to broadcast their work and make a speech about their time at Caramel Rock. Our brilliant Fashion teacher Jade Evans, stepped up to the host role and introduced each student before they spoke. She carried out the presentation with complete professionalism and added humour.

After each student completed their presentation, it was time for refreshments. The Garden Café put on a delicious spread of sandwiches, sausage rolls, samosas, crisps, drinks.. everything to fill the appetites of our guests. We then enjoyed a selection of entertainment. Our own Fashion and Clothing BTEC student Tariq impressed us with his diverse dance moves. Even some of the audience members got involved for a dance off! We then had a very talented young singer Natasha, perform one of her original songs for us, followed by a well-known Beyoncé track that everyone could sing along to.

The exhibition was brought to an end with our graduation style ceremony. Both Jade and Funmi took to the stage to call each student one by one to collect their certificate, have a photograph taken and earn a deserved round of applause. This was then followed by admirable speeches from our proud teachers congratulating the students. Our support officer Kemi also spoke about how hard all students have worked over the past year, and our apprentice: Meti and work experience student: Stephanie, made a speech about their time at Caramel Rock and the opportunities for students to carry on studying with us.

Guests then started to make an exit, before taking a final browse through the work and designs, and thanked the Caramel Rock team for such an entertaining and inspiring afternoon. Overall we were ecstatic over the outcome of the day and how brilliantly our student’s presented their work. Another bonus is how much the guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves, leaving feedback on our Facebook page, such as Debbie’s comment: “Witnessed such great talent here. Some amazing work by all students, you guys rock at Caramel Rock!” The exhibition was a huge success and we are thrilled that our students had the celebration they deserved._MG_4640

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