Fashion Innovation

Technologies have always been a part of our lives but in the recent years we have seen a rapid increase of innovation and development in different industries such as Computer science, robotics, Nano technology and bio-technology.

In recent years innovation is influencing the fashion industry as well. In the last 5 years there have been more and more collaboration between fashion and technology.

Recently ODO a company based in the USA has created the first self-cleaning jeans that are embedded with silver micro particle that are able to expel bacteria and avoid smell on clothing denim is also coated with a patent-pending material called Nano Sphere, which is protein-based. This new self-cleaning denim has been engineered to repel water and other liquids and substances such as oil or mustard, ect.

This new garment have also a positive impact for the planed because it have been designed to avoid using washing machine or hand wash and economize water waste.

There are other companies which are developing more cutting edge project in the fashion innovation industry.

Engineers from the California University have created a swim suit bikini made of Nano carbon sponge structure that is able to repel water and absorb oil. They have created this garment with the aim transform the swimming experience into a more ecological activity and to help clean oceans from pollution.


Wearable technology is other field on the fashion innovation industry. The footwear company Digisole’s presented during the last CES 2016(Consumer Technology Association) that took place in Las Vegas a new pair of smart shoes that are connected to the wearer smartphone to lace them self, warm feet and count steps. Digisole’s is planning to launch a new version of the smart shoes designed for casual outfits.

It is really exiting to imagine what king of new projects awaits for the future of fashion.

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