Fashion Fashion Fashion!!!


Many Muslim women who wear the hijab feel they can’t fit in with the fashion world some of the clothing is not tailored to their taste but those who have conquered this have found a way to help those who are in desperate need of fashion advice. Some of those are fashion bloggers, like Dina Torkia who is also designer, stylist. She even entered a Muslim beauty pageant in Indonesia which was aired on BBC unfortunately she did not win but this gave an insight to the Hijab Fashion World. Her clothing and styling has inspired many Muslim women.

There are others like, ‘Muslim Girl’ she describes her page as a “lifestyle blog for every Muslim girl who wants to live life beautifully, simply and modest in the 21st century” and other bloggers do make up tutorial to suite their hijab. We even have a hijab tutorial, how to do it differently for different styles and occasion. Amena another blogger who does a lot of those tutorial and has many followers. Finally the last blogger Tajima who made a huge difference in UK for her unique take on Muslim fashion, she runs her own fashion label MAYSAA.

Muslim bloggers are not the only people making a difference but a young Muslim Mariah Idrissi 23 year old Londoner was the first hijab model to present H&M clothing in their latest advert.

I feel the hijab has evolved so much over the years that other designers are taking notice like DOLCE AND GABBANA who have recently released an ABAYA COLLECTION…

Fashion has become more diverse and I feel this is the beginning for the hijab fashion….

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